Camping in Lake Geneva

We went camping up in Lake Geneva WI. this past weekend with a group of friends that we regularly camp with.  As expected it was a great time.  We awoke in our tents Friday night/ Saturday morning to rain, but that wasn’t about to stop us.  We ran out and bought a tarp to cover a large area so we could enjoy each others company.  However, right after we got the tarp up, it stopped raining (of course).  But that is OK, we would much rather have nice sunshine despite us guys wanting to utilize the awesome tarp-fort we made.  The rest of the weekend was beautiful though.  We took a long walk along the lake and admired some very generous sized castles… errr… homes I mean, and then headed into town to enjoy a nice cup of Starbucks. Now that’s campin’! LOL.  All in all it was a great weekend with great friends.  Shoot over to the gallery to check out other pics from this trip.

Until next time…

-Jay & Michelle

P.S.- We kept Michelle pretty comfortable and she did great, she was a real trooper.

The Group

Thankfully, all is well.

Michelle had a doctors appointment yesterday just to have a simple checkup on the baby.  Well, we went from a simple checkup to waiting several hours in the hospital all in one night.  Don’t worry, everything is just as it should be.

It all started while at her doctor’s visit, Michelle had told him about a slight concern from something she experienced a few days ago.  To which his response was, ” I wish you would have called me right away.  We need to get  you to the hospital just to be sure everything is OK.”  (We love our doctor, he is excellent at what he does.)  So off we went.  She had some tests done and an ultrasound preformed, which is always amazing to see, and after about 4.5 hours of tests and waiting, our doctor confirmed that everything looks completely normal and healthy and it was just a false alarm.  As you can imagine, this was very good news to hear.

Luckily, we had a small TV to keep our minds off the situation  (kinda, not really) and help pass the time.  I was also able to use my phone to snap a few pictures and even record the baby’s heartbeat that was on the monitor which you can listen to below!  Very neat to see and hear.  Until next time…

Baby Jenison’s Heartbeat (Click the PLAY button to listen)

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You’d think they’d have these things in color by now.

Today was a very exciting day for us.  At 10am this morning we had our first ultrasound to see our baby.  We have posted a pic below for you all to see.  It may be difficult to read but it basically shows a side profile of the head and the chest.  You can make out the nose and mouth and even an eye and ear a little bit.  The title of this post is obviously a joke mainly due to the fact that I was pretty blown away with the amount of detail they can show you with these machines.  It was amazing being able to see all the fingers, toes and even the heart beating!  The baby did not want to sit still for the technician, it kept moving and dancing around having a good ol’ time.  From what we could tell everything appeared to be healthy and normal, but we are not doctors and we will hear the final results from our doctor in a couple weeks at our next visit.  We also snapped a pic of Michelle to show her baby belly progress.  She is just about 5 months along now.  Enjoy!

Baby's First Photo

Michelle at 5 months

“Bethany, I’d like you to meet the world…. the world, Bethany.”

Hallelujah! My older brother Jason and his wife Tamani have given birth to a beautiful baby girl.  What a blessing!  She was born Saturday, April 4th at 12:23 am.  She is healthy and weighs in at 8lbs, 5oz. and is 22inches long.  Michelle and I are going to try to head up there the weekend of the 24th to see the new family member.  Thank God that everything went smoothly and there were no complications.  As my wife pointed out to me, when you stop and really think about all the different elements that go into a baby being perfectly healthy as well as the mother, it really is a miracle that we often forget to recognize.  Congratulations Jason and Tamani, you guys will be great parents and we cannot wait to meet you Bethany Joy Jenison.

Here is a pic my brother sent us, excuse the bad cell phone image quality.

Starting to show

Michelle is beginning to show at about 14.5 weeks.  It is exciting to watch her (and the baby) grow during this time.  Thought we would shoot a pic to show you all.

-Jay & Michelle

Michelle-14.5 weeks

Coming Soon…

Well, after 3 months of keeping secrets, it can officially be announced that Michelle and I are expecting a baby!  Michelle is now about 3.5 months along and doing brilliantly.  The doctor says that everything seems to be going well with the pregnancy and the  heartbeat sounds strong (it was pretty amazing to hear the heartbeat).  Michelle and I have decided to wait til birth to find out the sex of the baby… we think it makes it a bit more exciting!  We are both so excited to step into this stage of our lives.  We thanks God often for the blessings he has given to us and pray that He may continue to watch over all aspects of our life and have His hand in everything we do.  We are particularly thrilled to be starting this process along a similar time-line as my older brothers.  Justin and Courtney just had the second child not too long ago, and Jason and Tamani are expecting their first any day now.  It is great to think of family get- togethers and to be able to share that joy of watching these children grow up together.  A BIG THANK YOU to all our friends and family who have been praying and supporting us throughout this exciting time, we couldn’t do it without you.  We love you guys!

-Jay & Michelle