One last look.

In an effort to try to remember my wife in all of her glowing pregnancy glory, we decided to take a last photo of her and the baby belly. So here it is, thought you’d maybe want to see how beautiful she is. Tomorrow is the big day… who knows if we will get any sleep tonight. We will keep the site updated on what happens over the next 24-48 hrs. Thanks again for your prayers and support!

Almost there.

I know what you are thinking… and yes, it has been so long since my last posting and I am sorry. But Michelle and I have been extremely busy getting everything ready for the new baby Jenison to arrive here on scene. Since my last post we have had so much happen. Michelle has been going to 3 appointments a week. They are keeping her under close supervision to ensure the safety of the baby and Michelle herself. The doctors and hospitals have been wonderful throughout this whole process, we really could not ask for more.
The baby is getting large (along with the belly that it resides in) and Michelle is beginning to drop. The baby’s head is in the down position which usually indicates that he/she is getting ready to make his/her grand entrance. The doctor has given Michelle an induction date of June 26th at 8am, however he thinks she may even go before that. So we have been busy getting the baby’s room ready and washing baby clothes and gathering baby toys and doing other baby related things.
We had a wonderful baby shower thrown for us which many of you attended. We were overwhelmed by the love, support, and generous gifts that were given to us. It is a HUGE help and we thank you all SO MUCH from the bottom of our hearts.
So the emergency suitcase is packed and the route to the hospital is all mapped out. Now we are just waiting for the big day. We are so excited and can’t wait to hold our child in our arms. Thank you all for your love, thoughts, and prayers. They have honestly helped us in ways you can’t imagine. Well, the next time I post… we should have a baby! Oh boy (or girl)!

The picture below is from a recent friends wedding. Andrea was being silly making heart shapes on Michelle’s belly, but it turned out to be a cute picture.

Baby ultrasound images and Michelle at 21 weeks

Michelle, myself and the “grandmas” went down to Glenview for a level 2 ultrasound for the baby.  With this pregnancy the doctors are taking extra precautions for peace of mind more than anything else.  The ultrasounds provided a very in depth look at all of the baby’s organs and bone structures.  And while we really could not make out any of those things on the screen, the specialist doctor could and he reported a perfect bill of health.  Everything about the baby looked wonderful and healthy.  We feel very blessed that everything looking well and can’t wait to meet our baby.  During the whole ultrasound the doctors did a great job of keeping the sex of the baby a secret from us upon request.  So here are some pics of the baby that we got and I snapped a pic of Michelle for you all to see her progress.






Starved Rock to see the eagles… but no eagles & Michelle @ 4 months.

We took a trip with some family members to Starved Rock State Park during “Eagle Weekend” this past Saturday.  Normally on Eagle Weekend close to several hundred bald eagles come to this strip of river to rest and feed along their journey to wherever it is they are going.  Just so happens that this particular weekend the eagles decided to hang out somewhere else.  We saw (what we thought to be) ONE young eagle.  Even this was a stretch due to fog and the distance away that the bird was flying.  So with that we decided to go hiking.  Starved Rock offers many canyons and waterfalls along their several miles of trails that are some of the most beautiful places in Illinois.  The trails were icy and at times somewhat dangerous but well worth it.  We took the trek slow and steady on Michelle’s behalf, but she did wonderfully and found it to be relatively simple overall.  All in all the trip proved a success to me just to be able to capture some of these great photos.  You can view them here in the Gallery or on my Flickr page.

Michelle @ 4 months

Christmas 2009 Pics…’bout time Jay!

Well it took me long enough, but I finally got the pictures that were taken during Christmas 2009 up and online. They are mostly candid photos of the family having a great time. It was wonderful to have everyone together for the holiday season. You can either view them in the Gallery section or go to my Flickr page if you would like to download them. (Remember to click on the “All Sizes” button above every image to download the large format image.) Enjoy!

Let’s try this again…

Michelle and I are expecting again!  God is good.  We are extremely thankful for this.  As of right now she is about 13 weeks along already and the official due date is the good ol’ 4th of July.  There is a video below  from several weeks ago at the first ultrasound.  Its was hard to see much of anything at that point but if you look closely you can see a beating heart.  At the latest ultrasound the baby had legs and arms that were moving and flailing about.  Our doctor is taking extra precautions this time around for both general safety of the baby as well as the peace of mind of my wife and I.  We are going to wait again to find out the sex of the baby… call us old fashioned  but we like the surprise it brings.

So there it is, we would like to thank you all from the very bottoms of our hearts for the prayer and kind thoughts and words you have shared with us over the past months.  While the pain may never go completely away from losing Chance, I do believe it will lessen over time.  Everything you all have done for us has (and is) helping with that.  With the new life of this baby it causes us even more to reflect on what Chance did for us the short time we knew him in the womb.  We will never forget him and we know he is looking forward to meeting his younger sibling in Heaven someday.  Thanks again for everything and we will keep you updated as everything exciting happens.  Until next time…

Mini-Vacation to Door County, WI

Michelle and I decided to get away for a few days and spend some time with just each other.  Given everything that has gone on the past couple months in our lives, it felt really great to take a breath and soak up some serious R&R.  We had never been up to Door County in Wisconsin so we rented a small cabin for a few nights and headed up.  The weather was great everyday.  We did a 10 mile bike ride around Peninsula State Park, climbed up in the Cana Island lighthouse for the great view, paddled a 2.5 hour / 5.5 mile guided kayak tour around the rock bluffs and out to Horseshoe Island, and ate tons of good food.  It is a beautiful piece of country up there with lots of friendly people.  We really want to go back to see the leaves change color and maybe head up to Washington Island.  I took a ton of photographs (alot of Michelle) that are over on the Gallery page.  Adios!


Chance’s Memorial Service Info

There will be a “short and sweet” memorial service held for Chance Job Jenison at the Willow Lawn Memorial Park & Cemetery.  Anyone who would like to attend is welcome, however we realize this is short notice and we stress that there is no obligation to attend.  Here are the details:

When: Saturday, July 25, 2009
Time: 10am
Where: Willow Lawn Memorial Park & Cemetery
24090 N US Highway 45
Vernon Hills
, IL 60061
(847) 634-3787

For directions click HERE.

There will be a small luncheon/fellowship time following the service at Immanuel Church in Gurnee.
Immanuel Church of Gurnee
2300 N Dilleys Rd
Gurnee, IL 60031-1002

(847) 336-4800

For directions click HERE.

Chance Job Jenison “Our little Chance”

I was hoping as parents we would never have to face certain things in life.  Unfortunately and fortunately our plans and desires are not the same as God’s.  Tuesday, July 21, 2009 the Lord decided to take Chance to be with Him in Heaven.

Is started two days earlier on Sunday evening.  It had been a couple hours since Michelle had felt the baby move in the womb.  This was not an uncommon situation.  Often the baby would go several hours without any movement only to be followed by several dances, kicks and other random movement.  Michelle and I decided to sleep the night and see if there was movement overnight or in the morning.  By the next morning Michelle had still not felt anything and began to have growing concerns (once again, a normal occurrence).  She decided to call our doctor and he had her go to the hospital right away, which she did.  Once there, they could not find the heartbeat to which she called me at work and I rushed right over.  Our worst fears were confirmed with an ultrasound, with which they saw the heart no longer beating. We had lost our baby.  This brought on a frenzy of emotions and activity and the beginning of what would be a very sad, stressful and tiresome time.  The doctor speculated the cause to be the umbilical cord had wrapped itself around the baby’s neck.  After talking things over, Michelle decided to birth the child as she normally would have.  Over the next several hours, they induced labor and gave Michelle pain medication.  At 2:49am on Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 Chance Job Jenison was born. He weighed 4lbs. 6oz. and was 17.5 inches long.  He was perfect, absolutely perfect.  All ten toes, ten fingers and a cute little nose.  Quite quickly the doctor had found the cause of Chance’s death.  There was a tight knot in the umbilical cord which had cut of his supply.  At some point a knot had formed and had drawn taught.  While very sad, it was comforting to know the reason and that it wasn’t something physically wrong with Michelle or the baby.  Chance was cleaned up and Michelle, myself, and the two grandmas all took turns holding Chance for a little while.  After Michelle and I spent some time with him, we all said our goodbyes and they took him away.

I have seen my wife in an entirely new light.  The woman that was laying before me that night had become a mother and it was beautiful to see.  Her spirit, her physical body, her love and her faith remained strong and healthy, in fact even growing ever more, throughout this whole situation.  I could not believe how well and with such grace Michelle handled everything.  I couldn’t ask for someone better to go through life with.  God has truly blessed me with her and I thank Him often for keeping her healthy through this.

We both are doing well given the circumstances.  We both still have a roller-coaster of emotions going on, having good moments and not so good ones.  We both have varying degrees of anger as well as joy,  sorrow as well as hope.  We are constantly asking ourselves and God for the reasons as to why this happened knowing full well that some things we are not ever suppose to know.  We are trying to keep in mind that Chance’s life in the womb was a gift from God, however Chance was His to take away as well.  God gives and He takes away… we accept that, it’s just not easy to.  We are doing our best to cling to God instead of push away, as well as cling to each other and our family and friends.

We need to thank all of you, without you all we would collapse.  Our family and friends have shown us great love and concern for which we are forever grateful. Thank you to everyone who has thought about us or said a prayer for us, they help in ways you can’t imagine.  Michelle and I thank God continually for the support system from all of you, we are extremely blessed.  Thank you.

If some of you reading this think the whole situation is a little weird, well let us be the first to tell you it is.  We had and still have no idea exactly how to act, feel or think about everything.  All we know is that this is the son God had blessed us with, and for a few moments we cherished him as if he were alive.  We were able to take a few photos to remember the day our first son was born.  You can see all the pictures on the Gallery page.  One of these photos is posted below.

Romans 8:28 – And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Jay Michelle and Chance

Thank you all, we love you.
Jay & Michelle

Michelle’s progress – 7 months

Snapped a pic to show you all Michelle’s progress at 7 months.  She felt it was necessary for you all to see me as well showing off my best pregnant belly impersonation.  As far as updates go, things are starting to happen.  We are in the beginning phases of getting the nursery together.  We bought a bunch of baby furniture and we are starting to register at baby stores like Target and Babys R’ Us (with the help of some good friends).  So all in all the times are getting a little more crazy but exciting and fun too.  Adios!