Getting Settled

The three of us have been home now for about a week without interruption. Bonn is doing well. His yellowness is starting to fade which is a nice sign to see. He is sleeping fairly well through the night, waking up about every 3-5 hours for a changing and to get fed. He is opening his eyes a little more with every passing day and starting to make some really funny faces (I think mostly when he is getting ready to rip one). It has been a lot of fun so far. Michelle is doing well. She is doing the majority of the waking up and taking care of him because now I am back at work and she can afford to catch up on sleep throughout the day when Bonn sleeps. Riggs (our Siberian husky) is handling the big transition well and in a gentle manner. He is a bit curious as you will see in the pictures and finds himself following us around with Bonn. We have found him sleeping in front of the crib in what seems to be an act of protection which is really neat to see. All in all it hasn’t been bad in the least. We feel very blessed to have such a beautiful healthy boy. Some family stopped by to see him and to have him meet his relatives. I got some pics (more on the gallery page) of all this and some of his bath time too. Michelle even snapped the “classic” pic of Bonn and I napping together. Enjoy.

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  1. These are absolutely adorable, I can’t believe he looks bigger already! We’re sooo happy for you guys!
    Amanda 🙂

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