Bonn’s Jaundice

All three of us were able to go home Monday evening from the hospital and it was wonderful. We were preparing to jump right into a routine with our new son, however a small bump in the road has prevented this from happening (at least for one more day). We were called quickly back into the hospital to get Bonn’s jaundice under control before it becomes very serious. At birth, Bonn has had a slightly high level of bilirubin, a count of 9, to be exact. We had his first pediatric appointment today and got some more blood work done. The new count came back at 19. This threw up a few red flags because at 25 the chemical levels can do brain damage. So Mic and I rushed him right back to the hospital where they immediately threw on some goofy protective sunglasses and under the UV light. This light helps his body to get rid of the bilirubin at a quick rate. So the poor little guy needs to sit under this light for at least 24 hours. So it is one more night in the hospital beds instead of our own (which is ok I suppose because we realize this is NOT a super serious condition and are grateful that this is the only thing wrong with him). That being said, we would appreciate the prayers that his body rids the bilirubin quickly and that he stays calm during the whole time. It is a little tough not being able to hold our new baby when he cries in his little “light incubator”. I have some pics below and on the gallery page. We will keep you all posted on how he does over the next 24 hours.

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  1. We love you guys and are praying for you. Jones says “Ahhhh he’s so cute” in the most flamboyant voice we’ve ever heard. Master Bonn is so precious and we wish we were there to squeeze him (especially paisen raisen when she sees pictures of him she can barely breathe: she squeals and shakes!)They love him already. Justin says looks like Bonn has his daddy’s fashion sense – the a-hole (aviater) glasses are adorable! Can’t wait to see you guys and meet Bonn in September (I don’t know if Auntie CJ can wait that long…when can I come out?)
    love you,
    justin, cj, jones & jae paisley

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