Almost there.

I know what you are thinking… and yes, it has been so long since my last posting and I am sorry. But Michelle and I have been extremely busy getting everything ready for the new baby Jenison to arrive here on scene. Since my last post we have had so much happen. Michelle has been going to 3 appointments a week. They are keeping her under close supervision to ensure the safety of the baby and Michelle herself. The doctors and hospitals have been wonderful throughout this whole process, we really could not ask for more.
The baby is getting large (along with the belly that it resides in) and Michelle is beginning to drop. The baby’s head is in the down position which usually indicates that he/she is getting ready to make his/her grand entrance. The doctor has given Michelle an induction date of June 26th at 8am, however he thinks she may even go before that. So we have been busy getting the baby’s room ready and washing baby clothes and gathering baby toys and doing other baby related things.
We had a wonderful baby shower thrown for us which many of you attended. We were overwhelmed by the love, support, and generous gifts that were given to us. It is a HUGE help and we thank you all SO MUCH from the bottom of our hearts.
So the emergency suitcase is packed and the route to the hospital is all mapped out. Now we are just waiting for the big day. We are so excited and can’t wait to hold our child in our arms. Thank you all for your love, thoughts, and prayers. They have honestly helped us in ways you can’t imagine. Well, the next time I post… we should have a baby! Oh boy (or girl)!

The picture below is from a recent friends wedding. Andrea was being silly making heart shapes on Michelle’s belly, but it turned out to be a cute picture.

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  1. I am praying that your delivery is as fast as mine! This baby (whatever gender it may be) will be such a blessing to you both. And you WILL have a greater appreciation for this life that you have been given to guard and raise.
    I love you guys.

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