Baby ultrasound images and Michelle at 21 weeks

Michelle, myself and the “grandmas” went down to Glenview for a level 2 ultrasound for the baby.  With this pregnancy the doctors are taking extra precautions for peace of mind more than anything else.  The ultrasounds provided a very in depth look at all of the baby’s organs and bone structures.  And while we really could not make out any of those things on the screen, the specialist doctor could and he reported a perfect bill of health.  Everything about the baby looked wonderful and healthy.  We feel very blessed that everything looking well and can’t wait to meet our baby.  During the whole ultrasound the doctors did a great job of keeping the sex of the baby a secret from us upon request.  So here are some pics of the baby that we got and I snapped a pic of Michelle for you all to see her progress.






4 thoughts on “Baby ultrasound images and Michelle at 21 weeks”

  1. Michelle, you really do look amazing! Thanks for sharing the ultrasound pics – we’re excited for you guys 🙂

  2. Okay — so now I see you both! yay! So now, I guess I don’t care as much about an updated blog. The real thing is so much better. 🙂

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