Starved Rock to see the eagles… but no eagles & Michelle @ 4 months.

We took a trip with some family members to Starved Rock State Park during “Eagle Weekend” this past Saturday.  Normally on Eagle Weekend close to several hundred bald eagles come to this strip of river to rest and feed along their journey to wherever it is they are going.  Just so happens that this particular weekend the eagles decided to hang out somewhere else.  We saw (what we thought to be) ONE young eagle.  Even this was a stretch due to fog and the distance away that the bird was flying.  So with that we decided to go hiking.  Starved Rock offers many canyons and waterfalls along their several miles of trails that are some of the most beautiful places in Illinois.  The trails were icy and at times somewhat dangerous but well worth it.  We took the trek slow and steady on Michelle’s behalf, but she did wonderfully and found it to be relatively simple overall.  All in all the trip proved a success to me just to be able to capture some of these great photos.  You can view them here in the Gallery or on my Flickr page.

Michelle @ 4 months

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