Mini-Vacation to Door County, WI

Michelle and I decided to get away for a few days and spend some time with just each other.  Given everything that has gone on the past couple months in our lives, it felt really great to take a breath and soak up some serious R&R.  We had never been up to Door County in Wisconsin so we rented a small cabin for a few nights and headed up.  The weather was great everyday.  We did a 10 mile bike ride around Peninsula State Park, climbed up in the Cana Island lighthouse for the great view, paddled a 2.5 hour / 5.5 mile guided kayak tour around the rock bluffs and out to Horseshoe Island, and ate tons of good food.  It is a beautiful piece of country up there with lots of friendly people.  We really want to go back to see the leaves change color and maybe head up to Washington Island.  I took a ton of photographs (alot of Michelle) that are over on the Gallery page.  Adios!


One thought on “Mini-Vacation to Door County, WI”

  1. Isn’t it Door County great…I use to go up there a couple times a year growing up…its so much fun and relaxing all at the same time…I haven’t been up there since I got married and are currently planning a trip up there next summer. Hope all is well take care…

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