Michelle’s progress – 7 months

Snapped a pic to show you all Michelle’s progress at 7 months.  She felt it was necessary for you all to see me as well showing off my best pregnant belly impersonation.  As far as updates go, things are starting to happen.  We are in the beginning phases of getting the nursery together.  We bought a bunch of baby furniture and we are starting to register at baby stores like Target and Babys R’ Us (with the help of some good friends).  So all in all the times are getting a little more crazy but exciting and fun too.  Adios!



One thought on “Michelle’s progress – 7 months”

  1. Saw you guys at church sunday. Didnt know you were expecting…fun times…get ready for the roller coaster that is fatherhood. Love the belly Jay…watch out once the baby comes it harder for the guy to lose the weight. I got a question … what are you having? Boy or Girl? Or is it a secret? Just wondering if my three little girls will have a playmate near the same age. The girls are four and a half months old now. Hope all is well.

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