Camping in Lake Geneva

We went camping up in Lake Geneva WI. this past weekend with a group of friends that we regularly camp with.  As expected it was a great time.  We awoke in our tents Friday night/ Saturday morning to rain, but that wasn’t about to stop us.  We ran out and bought a tarp to cover a large area so we could enjoy each others company.  However, right after we got the tarp up, it stopped raining (of course).  But that is OK, we would much rather have nice sunshine despite us guys wanting to utilize the awesome tarp-fort we made.  The rest of the weekend was beautiful though.  We took a long walk along the lake and admired some very generous sized castles… errr… homes I mean, and then headed into town to enjoy a nice cup of Starbucks. Now that’s campin’! LOL.  All in all it was a great weekend with great friends.  Shoot over to the gallery to check out other pics from this trip.

Until next time…

-Jay & Michelle

P.S.- We kept Michelle pretty comfortable and she did great, she was a real trooper.

The Group