Thankfully, all is well.

Michelle had a doctors appointment yesterday just to have a simple checkup on the baby.  Well, we went from a simple checkup to waiting several hours in the hospital all in one night.  Don’t worry, everything is just as it should be.

It all started while at her doctor’s visit, Michelle had told him about a slight concern from something she experienced a few days ago.  To which his response was, ” I wish you would have called me right away.  We need to get  you to the hospital just to be sure everything is OK.”  (We love our doctor, he is excellent at what he does.)  So off we went.  She had some tests done and an ultrasound preformed, which is always amazing to see, and after about 4.5 hours of tests and waiting, our doctor confirmed that everything looks completely normal and healthy and it was just a false alarm.  As you can imagine, this was very good news to hear.

Luckily, we had a small TV to keep our minds off the situation  (kinda, not really) and help pass the time.  I was also able to use my phone to snap a few pictures and even record the baby’s heartbeat that was on the monitor which you can listen to below!  Very neat to see and hear.  Until next time…

Baby Jenison’s Heartbeat (Click the PLAY button to listen)

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  1. I’m SO glad everything is okay!!!!!!!!
    We love you and we’re praying for you guys..

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