You’d think they’d have these things in color by now.

Today was a very exciting day for us.  At 10am this morning we had our first ultrasound to see our baby.  We have posted a pic below for you all to see.  It may be difficult to read but it basically shows a side profile of the head and the chest.  You can make out the nose and mouth and even an eye and ear a little bit.  The title of this post is obviously a joke mainly due to the fact that I was pretty blown away with the amount of detail they can show you with these machines.  It was amazing being able to see all the fingers, toes and even the heart beating!  The baby did not want to sit still for the technician, it kept moving and dancing around having a good ol’ time.  From what we could tell everything appeared to be healthy and normal, but we are not doctors and we will hear the final results from our doctor in a couple weeks at our next visit.  We also snapped a pic of Michelle to show her baby belly progress.  She is just about 5 months along now.  Enjoy!

Baby's First Photo

Michelle at 5 months